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One of the best ways to help hospitals and patients is to directly buy equipment that hospitals badly need. Instead of giving money to some charities where donations are diluted by administrative costs and bureaucracy, going out and buying the equipment ourselves is a speedy and efficient way to help - and you know exactly what was bought with your money.

Julia, mum, dad, and a generous taxi driver have already bought 3 TVs and VCRs for Hammersmith to help entertain patients who are confined to bed. Without TV you would go crazy looking at the same 4 walls all day. If a patient is comfortable and relaxed then they stand a much better chance.

Julia has found out that Northwick Park hospital badly needs some machines that monitor the amount of oxygen in patients' blood. Each one costs about £2000. If you would like to give some money to Julia's unregistered charity then she would be delighted. Anything you can spare towards these machines will help other people like Julia.

Hammersmith hospital needs a new, large, reliable microwave oven - their old one is broken and patients don't like eating hospital food. Nutrition is very important for cancer patients and because hospital food is so unappetising it's common for patients to lose weight which is dangerous in their condition.

Julia will go out and buy these things herself so you can be sure the hospitals get what they need and 100% of donations is spent on the equipment. To pledge a donation please contact Julia by email.

Hospitals Shopping List

Northwick Park Hospital needs:
* Oxygen monitoring machines

Hammersmith Hospital needs:
* TVs and VCRs

To pledge a donation please contact Julia by email.

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