Welcome to Julia's home page. This was going to be a fun personal site but soon after it was created Julia was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease - a form of cancer. Her brother (Gary) has kept an online diary so family and friends can keep up with the latest news, but it's now more than just a diary. It tells the story of how an ordinary person and their family deals with learning about cancer, the treatments available, the things that can go wrong and scare the pants off of you, and the magic of not giving up and always believing in hope and how determination and support can provide a shining light to illuminate the end of the tunnel.

If you have cancer or you know someone who has then please feel welcome to read Julia's ongoing story. There are lots of important things to learn from reading it - such as the importance of maintaining a positive attitude even when things look bad, and doctors can be proved wrong - and it helps to know that there are many other people out there who live through the same nightmare of being told someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer.

If you would like to help Julia raise money to directly help cancer hospitals please read this.


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